Having second thoughts and losing motivation?

Been learning and working on ecommerce since New Year’s. I’ve been super into it this whole time but suddenly scared to continue. Idk if it’s COVID or the risk of it all is finally hitting me, but what if it doesn’t work? So much money just… gone. Obviously you won’t know until you try but I just don’t want to feed more money into something that may not work.

Specifically, I’m working on a small clothing line that supports marine life. I’m a college student that wants to have a descent side income while also donating some proceeds. My boyfriend is supporting me (his finances are involved too) so I’m not just risking my money, but his too.

I keep seeing things online that discourage me like “no one needs another clothing line” or “you’re going to fail.” Usually this wouldn’t bother me, but I’m starting to believe it. I think I just need to snap out of this mindset… or is this just me finally being logical and realizing what I’m doing is stupid?

I’m so confused. Has anyone had these doubts while starting? How do I make a decision and either go back to my enthusiastic self, or do I just call it quits like so many others have and possibly dodge a bullet?

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