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I launched my first store a month ago in the wine-themed home decor niche. I have been able to drive 900+ people to my store using a combination of Facebook and Google Ads, but haven't made a single sale. The puzzle: am I sending the wrong people to my store or is there something wrong with my store that is preventing conversions?

The site is


3 Abandoned carts | 0 sales | 900+ visitors to the site

Facebook ad 1: 21-65, both Male and Female, Interests: followers of wine spectator and wine enthusiast, wine, wine clubs, and home decor. Resulted in reaching 1,1178 people for with 79 link clicks. Link drove to my landing page

Facebook ad2: 4th of July sale: 10% off audience: same as above. Reached 13,648 for 438 link clicks. Link drove to my landing page

Facebook ad3: 25-65+, interests in wine and wine spectator magazine, targeted only people in Texas. Reached 4,091 people for 104 link clicks. Link drove to a specific product- Lone Star Boot Bottle Holder.

Facebook ad4: 30-65 years old, only Women, with interests in wine, cooking, and a household income of >25-50% of zip codes. Reached 7,992 people for 210 link clicks. Link drove to Kitchenware collection.

Google ads: Primarily for Glassware, tumblers, cork displays, and bottle holders search terms (and variants). Drove about 74 people to my landing page from 1,280 impressions.

All ads ran for 3-5 days until I turned them off for lack of conversions.

Some of the products are fairly expensive (in the hundreds of dollars) so I'm wondering if I'm driving the wrong audience to my store- people who are turned off by the price. However, there are some items that are only $30-$50 so price shouldn't be an issue for those products. I have purposefully linked both expensive and inexpensive items in my ads to see if that is the issue, still no sales.

I had my wife go through the buying process (picking out what she wanted and going through checkout and she didn't have any issues). I'm not sure if there is something I've done wrong with the site that is causing this problem and I'm hoping someone with some more experience may spot my problem.

I'd really appreciate any insight anyone may have that will help.

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