I regret choosing BigCommerce SO MUCH claims you do not need to know how to code anything to get a good website going but, my god, you can't even change the included navigation menu without seeing the solution in Youtube being nothing but manual coding. I'm worried I will mess up my boss's website if I try to code but I also should not be STUCK with options for "bed, bath, kitchen" on my navigation menu.

I tried using their chat help and it just gives me 404 errors. I was on the phone with tech support for 42 minutes yesterday which included the person needing to see my screen to get me going again. I am not a total dumbass but this website makes me feel like one!!!

Anyone know how to do anything related to removing the stuff the theme dumps on you? I have been doing A LOT of googling on this issue and watched a bunch of videos. None of them show the person using the included website builder without resorting to manual coding.

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