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I have been working on a very small t-shirt business for a few weeks now. We received really good sales and feedback from family & friends towards the start of the launch and now we've started to stagnate.

We tried Facebook ads and have spent very little money (we're just testing them out) so far. One of our ads has gotten a really nice click per cost rate ($0.41) and has gotten us good traffic, but we have received no conversions or signups. The ad features a model wearing the shirt and contains a free discount for our entire store. The click to action leads to our landing page.

I wanted to know your thoughts on how we can amend this. We were hoping to get at least one sale from this small campaign which would cover our costs, but we are approaching the end and have not received anything. We're only using $25 for five days for the ad but have received about 50 link clicks.

We also started running another ad that resembles our fairly successful one, but it has been doing horribly ($3.02 per click with only one click). What possible reasons could be causing this?

Our audiences for both are fairly narrow (2.4 million for one and 4 million for the other).

I have been doing a lot of research on marketing and wanted to delve into influencer marketing. Our brand is very sleek and cutesy and focuses on food. I wanted to know your advice and general tips for apparel marketing. Are FB Ads worth it? How can I make an ad both clickable and convertible? What platforms have you found the most success?

Our website is made through Shopify and can be found here:

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

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