Resources for fulfillment flow charts for small enterprise to show boss where to improve

I want to map the fulfillment process (to increase efficiency) and all the resources I have found are for larger companies. I’m not really sure where to start.

In summary: There are 3 types of orders (approx 100 orders per day) spread between 3 categories: – ready to go items; – highly customized items (need to print and mix the item); and – combination of both

Fulfillment team manages: printing order labels, preparing, QC, ready for shipping

Bonus: any tips for maintaining inventory (in bound/out bound? Daily or weekly basis?

TL;DR: The goal is to map out the fulfillment process for optimizing (time and accuracy). Team is extra small (2 people). What’s the best visual method for presenting a streamlined workflow to my boss? Is a flowchart the best way?

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