Best Platform for Local Pickup + Scheduling

Hey, i have a brick+mortar plant store that I am switching to strictly online. One of the main issues that I'm running into is that many have not done a good job of implementing a "local pickup only" option.

My ideal setup: customer picks plants online, they are given a calendar to schedule pickup time/date prior to purchase, then they purchase. It would be great if they could also modify their time/date, if need be.

I have tried multiple platforms out, and all have issues.

Shopify: Their local pickup only option is super inconsistent. Some customers receive notifications that their item is being 'shipped' while others get local pickup. Two main issues with shopify: 1) I can't restrict sales by city/radius, only by state 2) Shopify doesn't have a built-in scheduling app. This lead me to use a 3rd party app for scheduling/pickup – the issue is that most of the 3rd party apps don't allow customers to change their time/date themselves.

Any thoughts?

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