Looking For a Mastermind Group of 6-7+ figure Amazon Sellers Who Have Successfully Built/Grown a Shopify Store for Their Brand.

As the title says. E-Commerce is an isolating type of business and there's just so little literature out there on people having documented this type of endeavor. We own a brand that's been on Amazon for several years but want to grow a Shopify store as an independent sales channel.

Not looking for the basics about how to setup a store, pick a theme….etc. more about how to leverage the information we already have from Amazon to build an independent sales channel.

There's a handful of YouTubers out there who mention that they've done this like Tatiana James and Ryan Rigney but like no videos about how they actually grow the Shopify sales channel. A lot of the Shopify videos, articles and resources just focus on dropshipping stuff that doesn't correlate well so I'm looking for people who are making this same transition.

If anyone here knows of a group like this or thinks its a good idea and we could make one please share your thoughts!

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