Question about Selling, Amazon vs. Walmart

Background information: The company I work for (I'll call us the A-Team) sells our products on Amazon. We are seeing some decreased demand, largely due to Covid. A year ago we were selling 10 to 20 units/day of product x. This year it's more like 8 to 12. We sell less than 10 items total for reference.

In the last 4 years this product has accumulated approximately 200 reviews on Amazon. For reference, our closest competitor, (I'll call them BiffCo) has accumulated about 75 reviews for a substantially similar copy of our product. BiffCo sells hundreds of products.

I've noticed BiffCo does a much better job than us of selling their products through multiple channels.
That seems to be a rational way for us to expand as well. I'm eyeing Walmart and I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone here might be able to help me with.

  1. What kind of sales volume do you see for your products on Walmart vs. Amazon?
  2. Are customers less likely to review products on Walmart than they are on Amazon?
  3. Surprisingly, BiffCo has zero reviews for their similar product on Walmart's platform. I'm wondering if this is a good indicator of their sales volume there vs. other platforms?
  4. I've heard that Walmart will delist your product if it doesn't sell very well, but I can't find any metrics on what a minimum dollar amount or unit volume is. Does anyone have any insight on the minimum level of sales you need to maintain to stay listed on their platform?

My concern is that we will put a bunch of effort into getting everything up on Walmart's website, sales may not be substantial initially since we are new to the platform, and general demand is down. Then we get kicked off the platform and have a hard time getting back on when demand improves. Any insight on how likely that might be?

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