You’re leaving tons of money on the table by not using Klaviyo flows!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Klaviyo, just sharing my insights after switching over a few months ago.

I've been using Mailchimp since starting my brand in 2015, and a few months ago I was looking for more ways to automate the business. I learned about Klaviyo flows and hopped on a trial, and let's just say I am super pissed for not switching over earlier. Yes, Klaviyo is a bit more expensive but the features totally justify it and blows Mailchimp out of the water. Flows are absolutely Godly for brands who want to create a much more customer-centric experience, and automate everything from follow-ups to dishing out coupon codes, etc.

Here's my flows Dashboard from the last 30 days:

Some tips for anyone thinking of doing something similar.

  1. If you use Aftership and rewards program like myself, you can integrate both with Klaviyo. I have a flow setup to where customers will receive a rewards points email the day after receiving their delivery (based on Aftership delivery trigger):
    Open rate: 54%
    Goal: Repeat purchases
    Subject line: Congrats, {{ first_name }}! You've earned [your brand name] points for your purchase.

  2. 5 days after the rewards email, a customer will then receive a PERSONAL email to follow-up on their order.
    Open rate: 51%
    Goal: Customer retention, adding personal connection to brand, build loyalty
    Subject line: My personal thanks to you {{ first_name }}
    Hi [customer first name],
    Thank you so much for your recent [your brand name] order – We’re so happy you decided to check us out. I just wanted to quickly check in to make sure your [product] are everything you hoped for and if there’s anything else I can help you with. We’re here for you at any time, so make sure to shout if there’s anything we can do for you.
    I'll be your free personal assistant moving forward for all-things-[brand name]. 😊
    Be in touch,
    [your name]
    [brand logo]
    [website link]

I'm still working on building a better abandoned cart flow so nothing to share here besides the fact you can create dynamic coupons that expire based on your flows.

Last week I implemented a Privy and Klaviyo flow for popup discounts with first-time visitors so still testing. Klaviyo doesn't offer much customization when it comes to popups, which is why I use Privy. To do this, you will pretty much just add a hidden field into the Privy campaign, for example, PRIVYPOPUP10. Then in the Klaviyo flow, you'd need to add a Flow Filter where the hidden field equals PRIVYPOPUP10. So based off that trigger, Klaviyo will then send customer an email containing a discount code.

Klaviyo takes some getting used to and there's a slight learning curve, but I highly recommend it. If you're still using Mailchimp or any other platforms which don't offer automation flows, you are behind and outdated. The great thing about it is a Klaviyo rep will get on a screenshare call with you and show you thee ins and outs of the platform.

Don't leave dollars on the table $$$.

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