Ranking a website on MULTIPLE LANGUAGES or doing a SEPARATE website…

So I've been working on a Niche WordPress Site written in English for 6 months now, and I'm wondering if its possible to also do a version of it in another language. I know of plugins like Polylang (where you can translate for yourself pages on your site) and Google Language Translator (where it translates each page automatically); but I'm hesitant of doing this since I don't know if its convenient for SEO purposes.

I guess my main concerns are:

  1. Would the articles that are well positioned right now be also automatically well positioned when translated OR would I have to start ranking all the way from the bottom my way up on Keywords for that second language like in the beginning.
  2. Would SEO be affected in any way? Lets say right now my site is being recommended a little more to countries like the US, England, Sweden; adding a second language would then have any sort of impact on that?

I do realize that making a new site would also imply that I'd have to build backlinks from scratch, so I that's why I'm wondering what to do next.

I also noticed that many websites apart for having their main url like:


also have a different termination depending on the visitors region:

.in (India), .tr (Turkey), .mx (Mexico)

I'm wondering how this works, any ideas?

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