Good CTR on FB Ads but low Conversion Rate on Website

Hello everyone,

I've been working the past months on a product:

I sell collectible travel journals with stylish map covers.

I ran several ads for the product and was able to get good/average click through rates (CTR) of 2.5%. The ads ads got me +1000 in clicks (page views). The ad was redirecting to this product page:

The problem is that it only converts 0.29% of the customers which is very low :/

I want to know if I am missing something obvious or what?

I tried so many things: changing the price point, the ad audiences, the product images, added free shipping on orders over 100$, started offering both city & country journals and so on…

What would be your advice for me? I feel like the product has potential but just can't get people to buy it.

I know that we are currently in COVID times and that people are not into travelling as much as before, but I know other online stores selling travel related collectibles that are doing just fine.

Your comments and feedback are much appreciated.

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