Got the ban-hammer from Facebook on a new account doing 10k+ revenue in 12-13 days. Not sure where to turn

Aside from title I am completely new to all this eCommerce stuff. My ad account is disabled (however Instagram promotions still seem to work??) Anyway I appealed the decision and was rejected. I have two friends willing to let me use their Facebook but is this even possible?? I know I need new credit cards. I thought it would be easy but all the minor details of having my friends ad account link back to my url to get a pixel seems like id be caught instantly. Is there anyway around this or someone who has been in this position before that has been able to run an ad account to the same website on a different Facebook page that can walk me through the steps? There seems to be so much conflicting info on the web. Should I turn to other ad methods (be aware I am completely green) I'm willing to pay whoever can help.

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