Cataloging your items – different?

For the past few weeks, I've been researching my niche and my competitors. I thought to share my thoughts with you guys, to see what you think, and maybe I can get any advice from your experience.

My big competitors are selling and focusing on one item only (with a variety of designs). However, I’m looking to sell more items – under the same concept.

From what I've learned from my competitors, the one who is selling a variety of items – has a different concept from mine, but still in the same niche.

Let's say for example my store and concept is in the sport niche. My items are designed items (POD).

My thoughts are: – If I'm choosing to start with more than one item – how to catalog them without losing the concept of the store, and without making it too broad? I don’t want to catalog it as ״bottles, shorts, bags etc״. If I will catalog it by the design concepts, it may make the customer a bit confused and can make him get lost between the verity of the items.

  • If I'm starting with only one item, or more, and build the concept under that – how will I add more items and remain the concept of the store?

I'm not even sure that I've explained myself right lol… I hope it makes any sense :\

Thanks in advance!

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