Do I need to expand my stock before creating my website?

I am making an online clothing store, my own brand, and centering the brand around a specific jacket/wind-breaker that I am very confident in being appealing to many; it is a unique style that I haven’t seen other brands use before. While this will be the main selling piece, I am afraid of starting a store that only includes the jacket in a few colours. Should i include other pieces of clothing like shirts, socks, hats just so the page is not empty? Also, I’m thinking of starting off with only a few colours of the jacket, should i invest in a wider variety? Jackets are around $1000 per modification (in this case only modifying colour) and I dont really want to spend over $5000 (including stock of other clothing pieces and marketing as well, although the other clothing i can get for much cheaper). Any suggestions?

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