Feedback on our site? Direct-to-consumer specialty baked goods

Hi all – I'm co-founder of a direct-to-consumer specialty baked goods business and would love to hear any feedback you have on our website

We've been selling on Shopify since March and are constantly working on improving the flow and feel of the site. Some things we've been struggling with:

  1. Promoting subscriptions
  2. Guiding Customers to our "bundles" which offer better value (and higher average order amounts). Many folks complain about our "per cookie" price but may not be aware that our bundle products and larger boxes offer much more competitive unit pricing
  3. Highlighting Customer reviews and media coverage (really don't like our review page)
  4. Site speed seems to be getting worse and we're not sure why

Any suggestions on useful tools / Shopify apps are welcome too. Thank you for your consideration!

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