How am I doing? Rate my site/feedback?

Site is

Hi, this my first online store and I’m dropshipping plush pet beds. My store right now is a one product store.

So for the past few days I was working on making the site look good enough to launch, and yesterday around 1:30 I started my ad campaign. I have 6 ads up, 2 are doing okay, 2, not so much, 1 has been ineffective, and 1 has gotten the majority of link clicks and people reached. Almost a full day later these are my stats:

Daily Budget: $10 Spent: $8.00 Link Clicks: 149 Reached: 3,092 Cost per Link Click: $0.05 Post engagement: 152 Sales: 0

Should I try new ads now, or wait a while to replace the ones not working?

Should I test for a week and after the week make changes?

When should I remarket?

Any feedback would be appreciated!

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