[Question] How do you label items internationally that are exchanges?

If I send an item let's say $300 value, a suit, to Canada the customer will pay a Customs & Duties fee.

Then it doesn't fit and they send it back for a new size or color.

When I send it back to them, as merchandise, they'll pay C&D again. The options I have are Merchandise, Documents, Gift, Returned Goods, Sample.

To my understanding Returned Goods was for my items to be returned to me (sample back to seller, or customer back to seller) and not from seller to customer. I've labeled them as Samples or Gifts in the past, but I'm curious if that's the right course of action or if Returned Goods is appropriate.

I'd rather be legally protected, or know exactly what the correct way to do it is when customer sask. Obviously not keen on changing pricing because of fraud punishments, chargebacks, etc.

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