Anyone ever worked with Zulily? Have an offer to be featured, not sure about it.

Has anyone ever been featured on Zulily? Was it successful and would you do it again if offered?

We have a really hot product and Zulily wants to feature our brand. The rep from Zulily was estimating around $60k in sales from a 3 day feature (she can't say for sure of course). If you're not familiar with Zulily, they sell the products on their site, we send them the bulk order, they send it to the customers. We have to give them wholesale pricing of course, but we don't have to pay them any money for the feature.

Here's the issues:

  1. We have to block out inventory – OK no problem.
  2. Net 60 payment terms – This is a big one. Bellacor wanted to carry our products and they offered net 30. Net 60 seems really long. I'm worried about what can happen in those 60 days and why it takes 60 days. They eat the returns so it can't be that.
  3. They won't allow us to place our pixels or tracking on their site. – I guess I understand this.. but would be nice.

The good thing is that we are not responsible for returns or customer service. We do need to honor our warranty of course, but that's no big deal.

Has anyone worked with them before? Any feedback? Would be really helpful as we need to decide pretty fast. Thanks!

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