[FEEDBACK] Redesigned Back to School Woocommerce store seeking review

Hey everyone,

In a few weeks, Back to School season officially starts which is my business' high season. We built a Woocommerce store (on our own) for our family business in 2015 (bookstore with school supplies) & last year we ended up being #1 online retailer in one of the top School Bag brands in my country, despite competing against huge retailers in my country.

We recently re-themed it to speed things up & migrate to a theme with better code architecture. We also did UX/checkout optimization but not great things since it all happened within 3 weeks of insane workload, testing & audits.

Could you provide your honest feedback, UX/conversion/whatever wise?

It would really mean a lot if we collect lots of comments to work on. 🙂

Scenario Goal: Persuade you to buy a school bag for your kid from my business
Most Important Category Page:
(feel free to navigate anywhere ofc)

* Things soon to be released: infinite scrolling with paging (/p2/, /p3/, /p4/ etc)
**Don't forget to "Translate to English"!

Thank you for your time reading this!

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