My CVR keeps going down, rather than up!

Hey there r/ecommerce.

I'm having a huge problem. I'm currently drop-shipping with Shopify (so far, so good); but I'm having a significant problem.

My website product descriptions, images, logo, and everything else is top notch. I can private message you this but I've had loads of people compliment me (I'm a professional graphic designer).

The issue is with Facebook. My ads perform "above average", and for the first 2 days my Cost per conversion (purchase) is $3. The product I'm selling is priced at $12, and costs $3 giving me a decent margin of $6. That's fine. After the 2 days thought, the cost per conversion goes up to $10, and I am now at a $4 loss.

I keep losing money after a while, so I keep having to change and shift.

Facebook says that with the amount of money I'm putting in I should (by their estimates), get 18 purchases. I've spent over $300 on this ad set alone, so I'm not sure what's wrong!

This product has done well for me and despite everything I've pretty much broken even, but my CPC is now too high to maintain. I'm holding on the hopes it increases the conversion rate but I'm losing faith.

Any tips?

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