How does one get products delivered in a timely manner?

I've been drop shipping for 6 months now and finding myself getting more and more successful as time goes on. I'm very pleased with my progress over these last couple of months. But the one thing that is really just a ginormous pain and the one thing I feel like is holding me back is shipping times. My product takes over a month to deliver and I have to clarify that in the description + checkout. This is holding me back from getting more sales. I know it has it be..

My question is how do I get around this? Youtubers always say to get your own storage but how do I do that? I have no clue how to make any of that happen nor have I come across anything or anyone that goes indepth on this for someone like me (a beginner). I feel like this one thing is preventing me from really taking that next step. 4-6 week shipping is a major turnoff and I completely understand why that would turn away potential customers. No matter how good my ad creative is. This will always be a red flag for people.

This is one of the two major questions I have for y'all. But for now I'll stick to this one question to make things easier. I appreciate anyone's time and feedback 🙂 thank you!

Edit : I want to add that I'm by no means popping off and making thousands a day. I just mean for me I've been seeing more success. Considering where I was day 1.

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