Need help deciding between holding my own inventory vs POD

Hey guys, long time lurker on this sub.

I've come up with an idea that I think is really good. It's marketable, sentimental and personal. I'm torn between using POD services or buying and holding my inventory. I will not be able to execute my business idea exactly how i want to if I do go with POD since I'm limited with the design of my product. However, based on some research, POD might be more profitable and time efficient for me.

If I choose to go in house, with my personal inventory and fulfillment, I'd be able to design and execute the product exactly how I want it.

TLDR: I have an idea, I can go POD or In house.

POD = Not exactly what I envisioned in terms of product design, lower perceived value but higher margins

IN HOUSE = Designed exactly how I envision, higher perceived value but more business overhead and potentially less profit.

Any suggestions?


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