Turning returns into exchanges.

Returns suck, period. Especially when you offer free returns on all orders. This year to date, my store’s return rate is currently about 7.2%, which isn’t bad considering I’m in the apparel industry.

But rather then looking for more ways to prevent my customers from making a return in the first place, I’m shifting my focus on looking for ways to change their minds when they actually request a return.

A few weeks ago I built a template to include with return forms for first-time customers who request a return. Here’s the link:

So far out of 11 returns which I sent the form to, only one customer took the offer which is the image posted above, but that one order saved me from a $100 return because they opted for an exchange + store credit.

Recovering 1 out of 11 returns is absolutely better than 0, but I’m curious to hear if anyone else has better tactics they use to change customer’s minds who want to return. Or if there’s something I can change or add onto this method to make an exchange sound better than money back.

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