About to have my Shopify site redesigned

Hi folks – I'm not sure how to crosspost, so just FYI I've just posted the same thing in /r/shopify. I'd love your input!

I started selling my own brand of frozen dog treat mix online a couple of months ago. Since I wasn't sure whether anyone would buy it, I kept things as cheap as possible, particularly when it came to the site. I just used a free template and made some minor modifications myself.

The good news is I'm now over 50 customers, so I'm going to get the site redesigned by a professional. A few questions that I'd love input on:

  1. What kind of questions would you ask to developers/designers you're considering hiring?
  2. For conversion rate optimization purposes, are there any apps you'd recommend? What about any particular design elements/styles that have led to higher conversions for you?
  3. Any other advice before I drop a bunch of money getting this done?

For context, the site is


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