Feedback on store before launching!

Hi Shopify World,

This is a low budget fitness product store I've worked on for months and months now. Put in a lot of work and research.

Fitness Spartan Link Password is eushau

Had anxiety two weeks back when I posted on Shopify’s Forum and realised that there were a lot of great points some of you've made & needed addressing.

Then, I decided I wanted to go the extra mile and hire someone on Fiverr (don't judge) to just "tweak up" anything I had possibly missed! Spent close to $100 CAD doing that, which again I didn't mind.

Before I complete and launch this week, I would greatly appreciate ANY feedback or TWEAKS that you feel can be made now, than later!

Note – Regarding cart and theme, it is Brooklyn, and cannot be modified much, even sidebar tabs I wanted it to be more 'visible' but since its under a basic theme, it cannot be done =/.

Thanks again, and keep in mind this is my first store!

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