Feeling plateaued, what’s next?

Hey guys,

While typically I've looked down on seemingly basic questions, I've found myself antsy for the past month or so, and I was hoping to glean some advice. In the past year, I've gone from nil to about $10,000/month in gross sales using eBay and Amazon, primarily dealing in industrial automation components, tools and some tech. My sourcing method is such that is quite high-margin. All are resales or NOS, and with some exception, one-off SKUs. I think you could consider my inventory similar to that of Radwell.

I've always set myself up to be scalable. My inventory management and onboarding system, while still a bit clunky, is very capable of tracking the locations of 5x my current 2,000 SKUs. I've got a couple of "death-pile" shelves, and while I know that getting all of that listed would be smart, I think reinvigoration is more important.

Right at the moment where I should feel a bit more relaxed, accomplishing at least the proof of concept of having predictable income, I've gotten a bit restless in a "there's got to be something more" sort of way. I know there is, but I'm not sure what, and that's what I was hoping to get some guidance on.

SO! In short, my question is: what's my next most worthy pursuit?

I've been mulling over:

  • Shopify: I've had an account for the better part of the year, I am not really [not at all] using it. I've got a decent (1,400 name) customer list, and I am willing and able to market myself. What am I gaining by doing this? Avoiding fees, sure, but also increasing my workload. How do I transfer the credibility I've built with a 17-year-old, 100% positive feedback eBay account with the associated buyer protections to a new platform? Related, do I onboard my inventory, and incorporate some related DropShip items?
  • Facebook Marketplace: Every so often, I false starts setting myself up fully , all the while, I've been watching it seemingly grow into quite a force (correct me if I'm wrong?)
  • Sourcing: Obviously acquiring 100 of a single SKU is working much smarter than 100 different SKUs. I do have some connections to people who own Chinese manufacturing facilities in less-than related niches, but who are well connected. That seems like a no-brainer, but I am not sure if I'm yet ready to invest the amount of capital that makes that conversation worth it. This, of course, could be a matter of "if it ain't broke…"
  • Other platforms: I've found that I prefer eBay to Amazon, simply because I have the ability to list as open box rather than immediately jumping to used, however I do have a Seller-fulfilled Prime trial account that I've associated with maybe 10 SKU's. I've got 30 more sales to fulfill before I pass the trial, but need to audit my inventory before I kick that into gear to ensure that I don't miss even one, especially during the trial. I've looked at WalMart and NewEgg, but again, what am I gaining?
  • Consultancy: I'm not above hiring someone to structure my business further, but everyone that I've found gives me a pyramid scheme MLM coach vibe. I may not be ready for this either, but it's in the back of my head.

Any feedback? And, to anyone reading this that I can be of help to, I'm very willing.

Happy Sunday!

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