Going to start an online store but can’t choose a platform

Hello everyone,

I am currently on a mission to start my own store with physical goods, I've been searching for e-commerce platforms and came to the conclusion that there are many. Then I started looking on the web and every website said different things, now I dont really know what to do.

This will be my first store, it is related to clothing and it's supposed to have international delivery and it'll be based in europe. I am new to all this, so I need advice on what platform would be best and kind of a pros and cons of the platforms. Also, if anyone has any experience working with delivery worldwide it would be very appreciated.

I also don't have any web development experience but I'm not against learning if necessary. I am starting from scratch so I will need everything ( like a domain and server and such), if anyone has some begginer friendly guide or a good starting guide it will come in handy.

Thank you in advance

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