Question as a Newbie

Hi, I have just began to explore BigCommerce and other websites, but a concern of mine has to do with customer orders. I was planning on using Spocket app to order from suppliers, but I had trouble understanding some things. Since I have no experience, I do not know all the steps taken starting from the customer creating an order to shipping out the product.

Questions like, does the manufacture/supplier know the details of the order or do I need to be the one to request that. Do I need to keep inventory in a certain address then mail it out myself? I feel like I have the wrong idea since the online resources I read, told me that usually they will directly ship to the customer. But if that is true, does that mean BigCommerce has a system in place that automatically contacts the manufacture/supplier when a order is placed? Most resources I read kept glossing over this part of the process so I had some concerns.

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