Anyone have experience with managing e-commerce platform for physical stores?

I have been assisting the head of E-commerce at a grocery chain for the past few years. Recently, COVID highlighted the need for the online grocery shopping experience. Because of this our company wants us to expand it's platform to more stores and is continuing to expand the platform.

There is a good chance I will be taking over the head of E-commerce position soon. The current head is burnt out and is leaving. I am the only person qualified to take this spot.

This job involves managing existing store platforms, advertising the program, tracking sales and performance, rolling out new locations, working with IT/third party to ensure success among many other things.

How do I do these tasks successfully and maximize profits… In my mind the first step to guarantee a great customer experience is through ensuring products are correct online. We have a big issue with products having weird descriptions or no image associated with the product.

The bigger challenge is balancing all of these tasks.

Thoughts from anyone else that is in a similar position?

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