Shipping options and abandonned checkouts

Hi guys, I seem to be getting a lot of abandonned checkouts…

The product I’m selling is geared towards a younger audience. So it does make sense that they are abadonning checkouts more often than an older demographic, but I’m pretty sure I can improve this.

I had 3 shipping options, free(9-13 business days), priority (5-9business days, + 3.81 usd) and express shipping(3-5 business days, 19,91 usd).

Only 60% of the people who reach checkout purchased, which left me with almost as many abandonned checkouts as purchases…

Now I’m testing having only the priority line as free shipping because it seems to be deliverying way faster than I expected (5-10 days)

The results seem the same, 60% of the people that reach checkout are buying…

What could be the reasons behind this? I have the shipping times on the shipping method name (5-10 days). Could that be it? Could it be that that time is way to slow for a younger demographic?

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