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I've been lurking for a long time while building BitLift, a marketplace with direct crypto payments between buyers/sellers. Bye bye horrendous payment processors! 😉

I'm looking to expand our team, and I've had some epic conversations with other eCommerce store owners about combining forces. Maybe that's something you're interested in?

There's 3-4 of us now and we're looking to expand the team and fire on more cylinders in more directions. Two places in particular we can use some extra sets of hands is:

  1. eCommerce Operations – Overseeing the product listings/sellers, documenting our procedures, etc.
  2. Marketing – I'm a developer and built/designed the site. I'm looking for someone to help on the marketing side.

If you have any ideas for where I can find some help please let me know. And if you have any questions/feedback about the site I'd love to hear it! Also, I've been in CryptoCommerce since 2013 and happy to help with crypto related eCommerce stuff. Cheers!

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