How to start an E-Commerce business on E-Bay?

I am completely new to this and clueless, I have no business/economics knowledge whatsoever and I have zero experience in this field too, so I don’t even know where to start, any help would greatly be appreciated, being that “eCommerce” may just be my last chance turn my life around, I’m in a pretty dark place right now and am just looking for an opportunity to better my life. I still have some money saved up in my bank account, whats left of my life’s savings (~$20k USD), and I heard you can start an e-commerce business with as little as $3k USD investment and still be successful, is that true?

This guy I used to know from back in high school posted something on his facebook 4 months ago, it was a screenshot of his bank account or something and how he made $30k USD in revenue within the the span of ONE WEEK, selling on Ebay, even if thats total revenue for the week, the percentage that he gets to keep out of that in the form of profit would still be a huge amount of money in my opinion, especially to able to make that much profit in just 1 week seems insane and amazing to me, he posted it and was sort of bragging about it on facebook and then the next day I saw the post was gone and he must have deleted it, when I sent him a message asking about it because I was interested in selling on Ebay, he ghosted me and did not reply to me so I guess he’s not willing to tell anyone anything more about it, and so here I am on reddit hoping to find some helpful ppl on here who would be willing to help, any advice is much appreciated.

This thought also popped into my head: Although I have zero knowledge about this field and no experience, I am wondering about how much you would have to pay in taxes for this per your state guidelines? (I’m from the USA), I think there should be a way to somehow maybe pay a tax lawyer to file paperwork for you and get you tax exempt in your state for your e-commerce business? I think this would probably be a smart thing to do right? Because I would imagine that if you dont hire a tax lawyer to help get yourself/your e-commerce business tax exempt for your state, then you would end up making a lot less profit in the long run, right?

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