I have an idea, where do I go from here? Need help with planning.

Hey guys, I've tried dropshipping and POD with mild success last year. I have gotten a few sales but never stuck around long enough for it to become profitable. It's a mix of greed, impatience, and the fear of financially draining myself with unfruitful marketing campaigns. I've always wanted to sell products that I've created, so the idea of dropshipping from AliExpress, or copying a successful POD store quickly lost it's appeal to me (however, POD can be very lucrative if you have a unique idea).

Anyway, I've gotten back into the entrepreneurial groove during quarantine, and I believe I have a unique idea to start a store with. Something that's currently holding me back though, is my lack of planning. I ordered parts so I can build a prototype, but I don't know what I should be doing during this 3-week downtime. I've figured out my approximate cost of production, the price I want to sell it at, I bought a domain name that I'm very happy with and got the name on socials as well. I also decided to take a look at online stores in the same niche to see how they have their websites laid out and took notes.

What else should I be doing with this downtime? I read a lot but it feels counter-productive since I can't directly apply the concepts that I have learned. And I also feel like I cant work on my socials and website yet since I have no finished products to make content with.

Can you guys point me in the right direction?

Thank you.

TLDR: Need help with guidance and planning. First time starting a 'real business' (no drop shipping or POD). Currently waiting on parts to build a prototype (3-week downtime). Where should I be putting my time and energy?

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