Learning Ecommerce by creating a digital product website a good idea?

Hello, I'm an entry level web developer (mainly front-end). I know React pretty well. I'm starting to learn WordPress and I'd like to learn an ecommerce platform (most likely WooCommerce).

Tell if this is simply unfeasible: I'd like to learn WordPress and ecommerce by creating my own online store. The store would sell digital products; so that eliminates all shipping concerns. I'm not concerned with it being succesful at all. The main point is that it functions well so that I can learn through actual real-world usage.

My concerns: I don't have any digital products to sell. Does it make sense that I can just create an ecommerce website and sell some other website (or multiple websites) digital products with an agreement with them (I would just get a small royalty or something)? Does that type of business model even exist and have a name? The only other thing I'm worried about is customer service… Can I handle that on my own for this kind of site?

– So to summarize, I'd like to learn wordpress and ecommerce by making an online store that sells digital products (so no shipping concerns). I'd like to sell other companies digital products with their consent and a small royalty for me. Therefore, all the work is basically in the management of the website and ecommerce, which is what I want. I don't care one bit about financial success, just the learning aspect of managing all this. It's for the sake of experience and resume/skill building. But is this possible or nonsensical? I'm very naive as to how these things work.

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