Looking for an advice about inventory management and multichannel sales

Hi guys,

I own a store that does about 100 orders a month. We have our own warehouse and we are using Sellbrite to sync inventory across Woocommerce, eBay & Amazon.

However, we are growing and I'm looking for a solution that will allow:

  • Purchase orders
  • Multi-currency (Sellbrite can't handle them)
  • Inventory forecasting – this is really important for me
  • Manage returns and returns from suppliers

At the moment we are doing our PO in Google Spreadsheet which is nice, but the flow can be improved. I often find myself with the demand that I could have seen coming but missed, so I'm missing sales because of wrong inventory planning.

The good thing about Sellbrite is that they are in fact a listing tool. So I can push changes to listings in bulk with 1-click. That's nice.

I have considered the following options:


It seems like it is answering most of the needs, but it doesn't have a listing tool. Well, I can live with it. I'm not sure what is their pricing yet, for small shops like my own.


As we have at least 3 channels, the base price is over 199$ which is not cheap by any means to us. It does tick most of the V's. I guess I'll schedule a call with them.

Is there an option that I've missed? If you have any insights or possibilities, share them and I will be really grateful!


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