6 months of No Sales, With Strong Social Media Growth

Hi Everyone!

As the title suggests, I started a store in mid-January of this year and have yet to convert anyone beyond my immediate circle of friends/family. I have been maintaining a very active social media presence (~2.4k followers across 3 platforms, ~180k impressions a week), and have ran a number of different Facebook ads testing various offers throughout the ad funnel (X% off, Free item when you buy X, etc). Year to date, there have been 1,200 store sessions according to Shopify, which I feel after ~150 should be at least one conversion, so it tells me there is either a problem with the store itself, the offer, or something I am not aware of.

The only issue is, I haven't gotten any full conversions. I feel I have most bases covered that are typical "boosters" of stores (set up multiple klaviyo flows for various scenarios, a pop-up on the site to collect new user emails [50 so far], basic SEO work, ambassador program, upselling on the purchase page, and more).

I have things planned in the future that can pivot the store into higher LTV of customers (subscription and bundling programs), but am looking to see some results on purchases first. Currently, all our products are dropshipped from the US (~4 day arrival time) in order to test demand on which products are worth ordering in bulk for, but its hard to use the data for that when there is none.

I am hoping to get a critique of my approach, a critique of the store itself, and some insights into things that have worked for you, that may be applicable to my store to try.


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