Any recommendations for a putting together a site that has some fairly advanced category options for products?

Hi guys!

I might've done a better job phrasing my question, so I'll just try describe my problem:

I've been trying to put together a site with Wix for selling model ships but the category options available for products just seem subpar.

Ideally I'd want my site to have some broad categories listed in a margin on the left, which can be expanded to show sub-categories. For example, a model ship might be as follows:

Naval>1/700>Great Britain>Canada-class>HMS Majestic

As far as I could see, Wix would only allow me attach a single category to a product, which just wouldn't cut it as I sell ships of various eras, nations, scales, etc. and it'd be much too disordered.

Might anyone recommend a relatively novice-friendly platform that would allow for that kind of layout, please? I'm not necessarily looking for anything that's free of charge, just something that could put together a simple site with decent categories.


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