I will automate your busy work for free :)

Automate a task you hate doing

Hey there, I'm David – a CS undergrad looking for some REALLY BORING and COMPLICATED projects to add to my portfolio. So, I'm going to automate something for you FOR FREE. Submit something you really hate doing for work. I hope to be surprised by what I responses I get. I will automate the top 3 responses I think would be a service to humanity (because screw busy work – I'm still scarred from doing this from hw and some previous job experiences). If there are more quality responses, I might extend this to top 10 šŸ™‚

Submit your task here

Even though I'm just a lowly undergrad – I am actually qualified šŸ™‚ I've written multiple Python automation programs to do things ranging from scraping grocery store data to processing stock portfolio holdings. Currently a PM intern at Cloudflare šŸ˜› and have interned at Atomic.VC as a PM intern.

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