Should I start a new full time job if I am wanting to start a side biz?

I have a cushy full time job (as an engineer) and have been desiring to start my own business as a side hustle in ecommerce. My FT job has a good work/life balance which I see as key to being able to work on the side biz. My eventual goal would be to be able to do my side hustle full time. I don't see that happening soon but that is the dream.

I was not looking for a new full time job as I like my current one very much, however a recruiter contacted me about an open position. Always being open to opportunities, I had a phone call with them and they have expressed that I was their strongest candidate. I still have yet to meet with the company President but it sounds like it is just for formality at this point and they would like to make me an offer. I don't want to waste anyone's time.

Should I seriously consider switching jobs?

-There is always an opportunity to make more with my FT salary but I am content with my current pay. My priority is work/life balance.

-There is always a chance that I could work less or work more (I currently work 50 hrs a wk).

-It sounds like it will be a lateral move. Same position, same industry. Competing companies.

-This recruiting company is actively poaching from my current company. One of my ex-coworkers just left a few weeks ago to the same company (at that time I didn't know where he left to).

For anyone who has started a side biz while working a FT job, I would appreciate your advice.

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