I wrote a resource on how E-commerce businesses can focus on and scale up the four crucial wheels of their business

Hey guys!

I am eclectic to share that finally the resource I was working on for over a month now, is completed and published!

Hi, I work in a SaaS startup which also happens to be India's leading marketing automation stack and G2's favorite as well – WebEngage.

I have always been curious as to why and how do people declare in the air that E-commerce is growing and the likes. So, I went on to drilling in deep about the topic and wrote 5 eBooks where E-commerce businesses can dig into what they really need to do to grow. I have highlighted 4 important wheels of E-commerce success – user engagement, retention, conversion, and revenue.

I'd really like to invite all of you out here to review my resource here > WebEngage. com > scroll to the bottom > click on E-commerce under the 'Solutions' tab.

Eagerly waiting to hear from you guys. Happy to imbibe any reviews/comments you guys have to share here.

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