Launching my first sales funnel – Questions I have + please keep me accountable.

Advanced apologies for long winded post.

I’ve been in digital marketing for some time now, with a heavy focus on SEO, Google & Facebook Ads. I’m getting tired of working for clients so am in a transition period between slowly letting my clients go and building up my personal e-commerce ventures.

I have been virtually working 24/7 on my eComm store, as well as organising samples from manufacturers. I must have been living under a rock the last 6 years I’ve been in the industry as I only just came across an eComm sales funnels, this specific one using click funnels. I’ve used CF for lead gen, but not actually selling products.

I’ve spent all day building a small sales funnel, targeting a very low cost product, selling for low, then a couple up sells, in the same niche as my venture so at very least I build some emails.

My questions for you good people!

Have you/do you use Sales funnels for your store?

If yes, any success?

I’m just dropshipping the products I’m offering (for now) while I test this. Probably works against me for long run.

As mentioned I’m good with Google Ads, so this is where I’ll start for traffic. Getting niche now but if you’ve had success (or not) with a sales funnel, driving traffic with G Ads, I’d love to hear from you.

About to launch this in a couple hours so will report back with my results in a couple days if anyone is interested!

Peace 🙏

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