Live in EU – Sell in USA – How to start with a $30 Product And Be Profitable? 3PL?

Long story short: I live in a EU country and want to focus on the U.S market. The main issue I have is, How do I start and how do I make it profitable?

I have been dropshipping in 2 stores before this so I know the basics – But this is about a branded product and a much bigger scale/risk than I've done before.

The product is going to be branded by me and I was thinking of using a 3PL/Fulfillmentcenter located in the USA. My question is, how do I start? Selling 1 and 1 from Alibaba (my supplier) is not feasible since the product cost is $10-12 and shipping relatively fast would cost around $20. The selling price from my store would be $30, amazon have it at 20, but FBA is not what I want to get into.

I believe the market for this product is really good (look at the market before a product). But I am worried if I order 300 units and ship it to a fulfillmentcenter is a bit risky, or would in reality eat up the profitmargin since the product is at such a low cost.

Would it be better to have a 3PL in China to take care of shipping/packing or what are your thoughts?

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