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Hi all, I’ve posted on here before so please excuse any repetition. I’m a few months into starting an online garage gym equipment business (Fl, USA) and looking for your valuable opinions on what products to stock and other plans. I’ve been selling a couple of accessories on eBay mostly and a couple of sales through my Shopify site. I’d like to branch out further and to do this I need to add products. I’ve been getting quotes and looking at the following. In terms of profit margins these should be good if put a large enough order in. Considering filling a 20 or 40ft container. These would be imported from China once I negotiate the right deal and happy with the product.

  1. Bench – flat/incline/both?
  2. Chest supported/ tbar row
  3. belt squat machine
  4. Racks – low profile and/or folding
  5. Function trainers/cable machine – these obviously have a much higher unit cost but I think they are an amazing addition to a garage/home gym.

Additionally I’m trying to find US based manufacturers & fabricators for barbells/racks etc but this is proving difficult. Selling home manufactured equipment would be AMAZING but not sure how feasible this is.

Orders are currently in house where I pack and ship myself. Ultimately I’d like to get 3PL fulfillment purely to save on shipping costs which can massively eat into profits. Does anyone have in recommendations in the regard?

I would love to hear some product ideas which you think would sell well going forward. I’m really focusing on the garage gym market and aim to provide quality with value. Not trying to compete with Rogue but I feel there is plenty of opportunities in the market if we can build a solid good value brand.

Thanks for reading! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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