Need some help, I am lost on my ecommerce logic

So guys, im on a web plateforme like Amazon but in my country ( . And we putted few products from a stock dealer and people started to buy, but after we noticed that we need to order minimum 100e of products to obtain the one that was selected and bought by the customer, because thia stock dealer has a min order of 100e. So if we order from a stock A, the available product and for example an other customer will buy something that we have in an other dealer (ex:stock B) ,we need again to order for 100euro of products to have just 1 product to sell to the customer, it will be a mess. Im thinking to delete products and be focus only on 1 or 2 big stock dealers. But i am lost in this logic, what is best to do in my case? Now the problem ia to fins direct agents i believe and everyrhing is fine. Im really sad, because in 3 days we had 5 sales from begginers, we had good ideas and now we are stuck with this problem. Ao to preserve actual orders we found cheaper but the same product that we can order by unity and we sell at the same price o not losing customers. But as you guess its not worth it, no financial benefits . We stuck at 0 with that. So pl3ase if someone could give some ideas

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