After ATC, redirect to cart page or not?

Hi folks, I'm building a niche store and I'm in a debate with myself: Should I redirect people to cart page after they press 'add to cart', or just leave them where they are?

The thing is, I have 15 products of one niche and the price is between 8-20$, so i'm planning to push cross-sells and up-sells to have ~15-20$ AOV.

So if i force them to go to cart page, probably conversion rate will be higher, but AOV will be low. On the other hand, if they just add to cart, they will have option to explore other products as well, but then they might just leave the website.

What are your thoughts and experience about this?

Additional info about the store: Starting profit margin is ~120%, but because they're low ticket products and ad costs will be high, final margin will be 20-30%. I use bulk deals to give discounts more products they order. Also, i have bundle suggestions on product page. Additionally, I offer them free E-book about that niche (my friend wrote it and I have a permission) on each order.

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