How do you handle interdependent products in the inventory?


I am working on e-commerce system and some of our clients have interdependent products that need a special way of dealing with when it comes to deducting from inventory when a sale happens.

For example client sells gas stoves that are designed to work on natural gas but with a conversion kit (that is also sold separately) the stove can be converted to work on liquid propane.

Or, client sells wide range of microscopes and some of those microscopes use same lenses. The microscopes are kept in the inventory without the needed lens and the needed lens is listed and can be sold as a separate product. Now when a certain model of microscope sells, then we need to take out 1 lens as well, also, we need to take out 1 of each model of microscopes that require that lens to be a complete product.

Sorry if this is a mess, I can elaborate more if you have any questions but I would like to know if there is a practical way of handling these because we need to design admin panel interface that would make it easy for our merchants to understand and use this system.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

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