Pre.built on IG

I thought he was legit at first but now, he changed his name from Stefan to Jared. His IG is pre.built and he posts stories about his travels and how he saves 90% oh his income and lives a minimalistic lifestyle. I even asked him why he changed his name to Jared and he blocked me.

His website is sketchy looking too, $997 for one already built shopify e-com store. I’ll link his website down in the comments.

Has anyone tried out with this guy? His “verified client” video reviews all refer to him as Stefan, but his IG name is Jared lmfao. He posts reviews of his Instagram/Facebook customers where they made 3/4 figures a day after 3 months or so of grinding. That’s a short time to make that much. And one of his clients had profits in £ (meaning they in the UK like me) and that “Stefan/Jared” guy is currently in the Maldives right now. Impossible to fake that right?

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