Payment Gateway For Single Dollar (and similar) Transactions?

I'm learning all about ecommerce and WordPress. I've gotten to the payment gateway introduction. I'm seeing a pattern where there's a small percentage but then a flat amount charged per transaction. Paypal and Stripe seem to be 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction for online stores.

My concern is for an online store selling digital download products such as simple svg icons. If they're sold for $1 an icon, then the $0.30 flat amount is a huge chunk of profit loss in that case (I'm imagining a scenario where tons of people just purchase a single icon at a time typically).

Is there any way around this? Like perhaps gateway options that don't have that flat fee per transaction and instead a slightly higher percentage? Or is this basically just the nature of the beast one way or another and I need to account for this in my pricing?

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