Quick Guide to Facebook Video Ads + Different Creative Types

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We recently published a long article on Facebook video ads – based on lessons learned from $10m+ video ads. We analyzed each ad sections (the copy, the post, creative, etc.), look at examples, ad campaign structures, and more. You can check out the full article here, and here's a reddit-friendly version of the creatives angles section.

Testimonial Videos

Probably one of the most common forms of social proof and an extremely powerful creative angle.

This creative angle has been the most powerful for us so far and some of them have even generated over $500k in revenue.

The structure for video testimonials usually goes something like this:

  1. Preview: Have an eye-catching first 3-5 seconds. Something clickbait-y or even dramatic so that the viewer wants to continue watching. E.g. “I thought I was about to die…”
  2. Intro: Introduce the influencer and their pain points in the video. E.g. “I’m 28 years old, I’ve tried dermatologists, NUMEROUS times, tried different face wash products, but nothing worked…”
  3. The before: Zoom in on the customers’ main pain points and really agitate the problem. E.g. “I was miserable, I had no self-confidence, and I wasted A LOT of money on other products…”
  4. How they found out about the product: Explain how they came across and started using the new product. E.g. “I saw an ad on Facebook a bunch of times and read all the comments saying how this product worked for them when nothing else did.”
  5. The after: How did their life change after using the product? E.g. “But ever since I started using product x, I’ve been waking up every morning with glowing skin and I’m able to go out and meet my friends again.”
  6. (Optional) More proof: Wrap up the video by mentioning how many other customers the product has helped, show all the reviews, other social proof (E.g. “Don’t just take our words for it…”), and include a call to action.

User-generated content is also super useful here. Especially if it’s coming from an influencer within your industry.

Story video ads

Another super popular creative angle to grip the reader.

Everyone loves storytelling. And video tells a better story and message.

Do this right, and your brand will appear more trustworthy, human, and memorable.

A few tips here:

  • Your video needs to grab the viewer’s attention as soon as possible – ideally within the first 3-5 seconds.
  • Be authentic, show off your personality, and what makes your brand different. Video ads should relate to your potential customers more if done well.
  • Include a hero and a desire. The hero will be the “protagonist” of your video and should be easy for your viewers to relate to. The purpose of a hero is to give your viewers perspective in the story you create and then, have the viewer feel the desire and emotions through their eyes.

If you want to develop strong relationships with your customers, you need them to remember your stories.

They can come from customers themselves or even from the business owner (e.g. what they started the brand and what they seek to accomplish).

Advertorials and video demonstrations

This is basically a “how-to” type of video that demonstrates the product in action to the user base.

These types of videos also convert really well across all industries because it’s not a hard sell. Instead, it’s a demonstration and people are genuinely curious to see the before-and-after journey.

This is where you can focus on all the features + benefits in an educational, entertaining video format.

For example – for a protein coffee brand, this could be a video showing how to make a certain type of coffee, in under 60 seconds step-by-step (while highlighting the benefits along the way).

Competitor comparison video ads

This can be a bit tricky. Because, you can’t just call out your competitors in your videos and say how your product is better. So, instead, you can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Mention and compare your competitors by name – You can only do this if you’re in the same industry and you’re comparing the same things (e.g. factual information about the products. Things like calories, sugar content, caffeine, etc.). Just make sure you’re 100% accurate and factual.
  2. Be vague – Safer option. Just don’t mention your competitors by name at all. Let your audience use their imagination. For example – “Other skin care products use only 4 active ingredients. While we use over 100 all-natural ingredients that work together to provide the results you’re looking for…” (something like that).

And more (obvious ones)

Finally, here are a few other simple creatives we've had success with:

  • Benefits Without the Sacrifice.
  • Video Testimonials.
  • How-to Video Demonstrations.
  • Five Day Vlog.
  • Good ol' GIFs.

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