Taxes, permits, and more fun things

I'm trying to do my due diligence, but as expected, the government websites are pretty stingy with information and labyrinthine in process. I'd appreciate any advice from others further down the road.

I'm in the pre-launch stage of an e-commerce boutique selling a combination of print on demand products, in-house creations, and wholesale products sourced through a marketplace.

So far my research leads me to believe I need to file for the following;

FEIN Federal Employer Identification Number

State sales tax and re-saler permit

I'm connecting with my local government to determine if I need any additional county business permits.

Filing trademark and business llc paperwork is also on the table, as well as looking into insurance.

Anything I'm forgetting or missing or going overboard on? I've previously ran a brick-and-mortar business, but it was service based and the only web business was lead generating.

Virginia, USA, for reference.

Thank you!

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